Xpenditure x Lyft - Integrated to Automate Your Business Rides


Imagine you are on a business trip and you are heading to an important meeting. How would you get there? Would you take a taxi, ask for the receipt and hope that you won’t lose it before handing it over to the financial approver in your company? Then await for the process of approval and reimbursement to be completed?


Would you prefer to just tap your smartphone, set up an automated flow for all your business rides and not worry about any receipt ever again?

I bet you’d choose the latter, right? 

Lyft x Xpenditure - It’s a MATCH!

We’re thrilled to announce that Xpenditure is now integrated with Lyft, the ride sharing company with the pink moustache. With more than 350 cities serviced across the US, your business ride is just around the corner. Lyft business travelers were eager for their favorite ride sharing service to partner up with their favourite expense management system. That’s where Xpenditure comes in. 


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Why should you connect your Lyft account to Xpenditure ?

The reason is simple: It makes managing your business trips effortless.

After you’ve had a Lyft ride and you get out of the car, your payment is immediately processed. Lyft will automatically send the digital receipt to your profile's email address, but also to your Xpenditure account.

Xpenditure detects all the necessary information such as the merchant (in this case that’s Lyft), the date, the currency and the amount and directly sends the information to the approver in your company. Your receipt can get approved minutes after completing your ride and you can get reimbursed in no time.

If you’re the financial approver of your company, you’ll receive the Lyft ride receipts of the employees in real-time. You can approve or reject those rides right away, and get a clear overview on the business rides of your employees.

Yes. It really is as simple as that.

Start your free trial Xpenditure account here. Learn more about Lyft business account here and set it up with your Xpenditure account here.

Enjoy your business rides!

Xpenditure x Lyft


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