Use Dropbox to Create Expenses


Dropbox makes it easy to store files in the cloud and access them on any device. You add a file to your Dropbox account on your desktop computer, and it’s immediately available on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Dropbox also allows other applications to make use of this functionality and that’s exactly what we did with Xpenditure. This means that Xpenditure can collect receipts from your Dropbox account, or that Xpenditure can store expense reports on your Dropbox account.

Connect Dropbox and Xpenditure

To make use of this functionality you first have to connect your Dropbox with Xpenditure. Login at your Xpenditure account and navigate to your personal settings. At the bottom of the Settings page you can connect Xpenditure with other software. Click on the “Connect” button and login using your account.

Dropbox folder structure

Once connected Dropbox will create, if necessary, a new folder called “Apps”.

In this folder you will find the folder Xpenditure, with three subfolders:

  •     Inbox: place new receipts for Xpenditure in this folder
  •     Processed: receipts will be moved to this folder after they are uploaded to Xpenditure
  •     Reports: this is where all your Xpenditure PDF reports will be stored automatically

Uploading receipts using Dropbox

When you connect your account to Xpenditure, you can use Dropbox to upload receipts to Xpenditure.

Put your receipts in your “Inbox” folder, and Xpenditure will check this folder for new receipts. Receipts can be pictures made with your mobile, or PDF invoices you receive when buying online.

When Xpenditure processed a receipt, it will be moved to the folder “Processed”.

Reports exported to Dropbox

Besides uploading receipts, you can now use Dropbox to collect your expense reports. Every time you generate a report, a copy is saved automatically to your Reports folder.

Already using the Dropbox integration?

Dropbox made some changes and improvements in the way it connects to Xpenditure. Therefore it's necessary to disconnect and re-connect your account again. Just go to your Xpenditure personal settings, disconnect Dropbox and connect it again.

This way the new folder ‘Apps’ will be created and you will be able to benefit from improved functionality.

Contact us if you have any question about this integration.


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