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Rydoo is the travel and expense solution that will change the way we work. Rydoo is one single platform with different modules that cover the whole Travel and Expense journey : before, during and after trip. The user at the very centre of each Rydoo development to create the best possible experience.

The app is dead. Long live the app.

The post-app era is fast approaching. Is your business ready?

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It

Wake up and smell the ro...bots. In an age of technological revolution where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is transforming business, computer scientist Alan Kay’s headline quote about the future is more relevant than ever.

Keep Your Employees Sharp And Stimulate Innovation

Whenever I talk to my colleagues in HR about innovation I'm surprised at how many different definitions of the concept itself I hear.

What The Future of SaaS Has Got In Store For Us

A while back, I sat down to write my take on SaaS vs. traditional software. It’s my profound belief that companies still using traditional software are at a disadvantage when compared to companies that have switched over to cloud-based solutions. I won’t go into too much detail..

4 Shifts That Will Disrupt The FinTech Industry

For a long time, the financial sector was regarded as a highly technical, highly regulated industry dominated by giant banks that resist disruption. But companies like PayPal shook things up and now finance is riding an entrepreneurial wave. Few sectors are moving and changing..