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Rydoo is the travel and expense solution that will change the way we work. Rydoo is one single platform with different modules that cover the whole Travel and Expense journey : before, during and after trip. The user at the very centre of each Rydoo development to create the best possible experience.

To VC, or not to VC, that is the question… Why Xpenditure turned down 20 Series B offers

Last week we announced some big news. We agreed to partner with Sodexo, one of the world’s largest multinationals, and travel booking specialist iAlbatros. We’ve created a new company that will house both businesses and the new venture will work on an exciting new project, one..

Close That Client: How to Master Business Travel with the Latest Tech

Great news. It turns out that we’re still social animals. Despite living in a hyper-connected world where we can hide behind tech and our computer screens, smart businesses still recognise the importance of face to face meetings.

VAT Giving You Headaches?

Remember those simpler times when VAT was something SaaS businesses from Europe didn’t have to deal with?

20 Billion is left unclaimed in Foreign VAT every year - Time for change.

You Have Millions of Euros to Spare, Right?

If someone told you that your company has thousands or even millions of Euros to spare, you’d probably call them nuts. What if we told you that they would be right? Or, at least, right in most cases.

9 Startup CEO’s About Their Biggest EU Challenges


"One of the biggest challenges European start-ups are facing today is growth – more specifically, managing growth. From marketing to sales, young European companies are woefully unequipped to handle the rapid growth that’s needed to solidify their supremacy in any given..

5 European Startup Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Generally speaking, the gap between how business is done in Europe in comparison to the United States is closing, at least in the startup arena but there are still significant differences between the two continents.