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Rydoo is the travel and expense solution that will change the way we work. Rydoo is one single platform with different modules that cover the whole Travel and Expense journey : before, during and after trip. The user at the very centre of each Rydoo development to create the best possible experience.

Spanish certification: your expenses 100% paperless

Since January 2017, Xpenditure took a new step forward to make expense management 100% paperless across the globe.

Is Your Expenses Policy In Need of a Makeover?

When was the last time you reviewed your expenses policy? If you’re anything like the average business, your expenses policy hasn’t been updated for years, perhaps not since you first wrote it.

Excel for Expense Management, an Unnecessary Risk and Cost?

The Institute of Finance and Management reports that more than 10 percent of the average company’s overall budget is made up of travel and expenditure (T&E) costs, second only to payroll. Despite the financial and operational importance of these expenses, 80% of businesses..

The Secret Kryptonite That's Holding Your Company Back

How much do you value your employees? It may seem like an obvious question. But what if we told you there’s a secret Kryptonite in your organisation. A hidden weak spot that sucks your resources, time and team spirit dry, but is easily avoidable. And that this weakness is such..

The Expense Management Software Dictionary

The introduction of digital receipts, the SaaS (Software as a Service) revolution and the widespread adoption of smartphones in the workplace has enabled companies to streamline financial processes exponentially over the last decade.

3 reasons you shouldn't use Excel for Expense Management

The adoption of digital expense solutions continues to rise with good reason. Spreadsheets are fantastic tools for basic data analysis, presentation and storage but they were never designed to manage business critical processes such as expense management.

4 Expense Software Myths

As the majority of business processes switch to digitised and automated solutions, expense management in many firms remains low down on the list to review.

The Last Dinosaur In Your Financial Team’s Business Processes

Technology has had a huge impact on almost all business processes. The cost saving, efficiency gains and reduced margin for error that leading tech solutions continue to deliver have improved working processes exponentially.

Fast Deployment and Roll-Out To Improve Customer Success

One of the reasons why some companies, big and small, are hesitant to make that move from traditional expense management to a cloud-based software is the perception that it takes a lot of time and effort to roll-out and deploy such software.

How Ridiculous Expense Claims Get Approved

We’ve all had them – those days at work when we’re trying to juggle a huge list of things, all at the same time, and we mistakenly try to expense something that our boss or CFO should definitely not even see, let alone be asked to pay for. For example, half a cow.