Three FreeAgent Integrationgs You Can't Live Without


FreeAgent is the perfect example of how online accounting software should work. It’s easy to use, the support at FreeAgent is superb, but it’s the integrations they have that make it even better!

Here are three integrations that will power up your FreeAgent account:

1. Geckoboard

A dashboard is a visual representation, such as the image below, that gives a quick and easy way to view performance in real-time. The key benefits of dashboards, and in this case executive dashboards, are numerous, and include:

  • Visibility in all financial aspects of your business
  • Ongoing improvements by measuring the performance throughout your organization
  • Time savings by having all numbers in one place

There’s a lot of software out there that includes dashboards in their software, but as an executive you’ll know that not all data is stored in the same place, so the built-in dashboards just won’t do it for you.

Geckoboard is an easy to use dashboard aggregator. It’s easy to setup and to connect various data sources.

When you connect your FreeAgent account to Geckoboard you’ll have the ability to add several widgets to your dashboard:

  • Bank, Paypal and credit card balances
  • Bank status in terms of overdue and open payments
  • Invoice status in terms of overdue and open payments
  • Tax timeline

All the essential business information at a glance!

More info:
Pricing: starts at $17/month

2. Xpenditure

FreeAgent is a breeze to use for your small business accounting needs, but there’s a step in the accounting process that’s hated by the self-employed and small business owner: Expenses.

Tracking business expenses comes with several problems: there are a lot of receipts that get lost along the way, and it takes a lot of time to process all of those receipts into the accounting software.

With Xpenditure you can easily take a picture of a receipt with your smartphone, and the app reads out all data. The data is collected in an online account where you can easily send your digitized expenses to your FreeAgent account.

Now you will never have to type all those receipts into your expenses nor worry about losing a receipt!

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Pricing: starts at $5/month

3. Basecamp

Over the last years Basecamp has become the #1 online software to manage projects. It provides powerful project and task management in the cloud with a simple user interface. Just like FreeAgent it is very easy and intuitive to set up.

When you’re running a lot of projects you probably store contact details along the projects in your Basecamp account. The FreeAgent connection allows you to export both projects and contact details to your FreeAgent account.

At all time you have access to all your Basecamp projects in your accounting software, making it easier to generate invoices.

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Pricing: starts at $20/month

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