Reducing Paper While Increasing Productivity & Profit


Working paper light - Reducing paper, clutter and costs while increasing productivity and, hopefully, profit.

Paper is a bad habit, ingrained and integral to what we’re used to; it’s familiar and comfortable.

We pocket that business card, we print that invoice, we sign that contract.

And to ask us to go paper free is not only unappealing, it’s unreasonable. That doesn’t mean we can’t improve! In fact, are numerous ways to head in the right direction and that’s what this 5 week blog series will document.

Go paper light before you go paperless

Instead of paperless we’re aiming for paper light. It’s more realistic and acknowledges just how far we have to go before we’re paperless.

And to go paperless, we have to break our bad habits and adopt healthy new ones. This is behavioral! So our guide will document ways to change the way you THINK about paper as well as the way you ACT.

In the first two posts, we’ll review the mental side of going paper free. We’ll change the way you think about paper and offer FREE ways to implement those changes.

We’ll offer advice for both business and home.

Then, we’ll dive into cost effective ways to go paper free, for both the small entrepreneur and the larger corporation. Some pricy, some downright cheap, but all are great ideas to help you attain your goal.

Reduce waste while improving your business practice

With the help of this blog series and it’s proffered tips and tools, you will learn how to reduce your paper usage in a way that is efficient, intelligent and productive.

We hope you’re not digitizing to just reduce waste but also to improve your business practices. Knowing that your business will be better off for your efforts is a strong motivator towards making this positive change happen.

So if you're really aiming at going paper light, come back the next couple of weeks and be sure to read these articles:

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