Jonathan Baillie Strong's paperless office


Hi Jonathan, could you please give me a brief summary of who you are, the name of the company you work for, and what you do at that company?

My name is Jonathan Baillie Strong, and I work as a freelance sound producer and web developer. I also help start-ups with their marketing and growth strategy.

I really love working with start-up companies. I find them inspirational. So many of them are doing great stuff, and I’m happy that I can be part of their team.

How many people are in your company? Is it just you or do you have business partners / employees?

As a freelancer I work alone, but I can count on my network of partners whenever I need help with a job I cannot do alone.

And as a freelancer you’re always part of a bigger team (your clients), so in theory I’m never really working alone.

I do have some side projects that can grow into a bigger business where I would need employees, like Spectacular Stays (and our Chinese sister site Baituyou), a collaborative blogging platform for travel writers and photographers. However at the moment it’s not my number one priority.

I love the freedom of working as a freelancer, especially within the start-up scene.The work I’m doing for my clients right now is so exciting and I wouldn’t like to miss one second of it!

I’ve worked with startups like CampusBoard and The Startup Magazine. Or Tyba for example, a start-up that matches junior talent with start-up companies who are looking to hire. It’s backed by the European Union, and has clients such as Dropbox, Uber and Prezi. Who wouldn’t like to work on such projects?

In addition I play a leading role with several collectives that link entrepreneurs, start-ups and enthusiasts: namely #techlondon connecting the tech and start-up community across all London, #nomads connecting digital nomads and remote workers worldwide and Ouishare, a global organization which connects participants in the collaborative economy.

How long have you been using Xpenditure? How were you managing your expenses beforehand? Why did you change?

About a year ago I started using Xpenditure. Before that I worked in a company where we had an annoying and cumbersome process to manage all expenses.

From day one I was looking for solutions that would get rid of all the paperwork and make the entire process more efficient to become a paperless office. When I started using FreeAgent I took a look at the add-ons, and in particular the expense add-ons. Because there were a lot of them listed on the FreeAgent site I tested them all to see which one would fit my needs, and Xpenditure was the clear winner.

"For me, Xpenditure is the easiest to use and the most intuitive. Plus it's less expensive than the other solutions out there."

Do you use Xpenditure in combination with other software like accounting or productivity apps?

I was using FreeAgent and that’s where I got to know Xpenditure.

For me this is a great combination: I use Xpenditure to digitalise my receipts whenever I receive them, and when it’s accounting time I can simply export all those expenses from Xpenditure to FreeAgent.

I really hate paperwork, so I started looking for good solutions from the day I started my business, and Xpenditure helps me a lot in achieving this.

As a cool sidenote, Xpenditure is based in Belgium where I was born and lived for over 16 years, and FreeAgent is based in Edinburgh, where my family is originally from, so it's sign I was meant to work with these great companies.

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