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Rydoo is the travel and expense solution that will change the way we work. Rydoo is one single platform with different modules that cover the whole Travel and Expense journey : before, during and after trip. The user at the very centre of each Rydoo development to create the best possible experience.

The End of Disruption? FinTech Enablers Take Centre Stage

As the FinTech industry matures, it is becoming increasingly apparent that more and more new FinTech companies are enablers, rather than disruptors. Where we once saw traditional financial institutions and ambitious start-ups locking horns and competing over the same customers,..

The Real ROI is Your Time

Are you addicted to being busy? As an on-demand generation with more smart technology and productivity tools at our fingertips than ever before, it’s amazing that we still struggle to find the time that we feel we need to make stuff happen. Both in our personal and professional..

Xpenditure Joins the €1M Club

Our Co-Founder and CCO Wim joined the select €1M Club Tech Event on Tuesday in Ghent to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship. Hailed the €1M Club because the companies present represent a huge €322 million in Venture Capital, we were thrilled to be part of the day.

European Commission Paves Way for FinTech Growth in 2017

What a time to be in Fintech. Last month the European Commission established a Financial Technology Task Force that is set to ‘help Fintech innovation reach its full potential in Europe’ in 2017. Alongside this, the Commission also launched their Start-up and Scale-up Initiative

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It

Wake up and smell the ro...bots. In an age of technological revolution where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is transforming business, computer scientist Alan Kay’s headline quote about the future is more relevant than ever.

The Secret Kryptonite That's Holding Your Company Back

How much do you value your employees? It may seem like an obvious question. But what if we told you there’s a secret Kryptonite in your organisation. A hidden weak spot that sucks your resources, time and team spirit dry, but is easily avoidable. And that this weakness is such..

Close That Client: How to Master Business Travel with the Latest Tech

Great news. It turns out that we’re still social animals. Despite living in a hyper-connected world where we can hide behind tech and our computer screens, smart businesses still recognise the importance of face to face meetings.