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Rydoo is the travel and expense solution that will change the way we work. Rydoo is one single platform with different modules that cover the whole Travel and Expense journey : before, during and after trip. The user at the very centre of each Rydoo development to create the best possible experience.

The app is dead. Long live the app.

The post-app era is fast approaching. Is your business ready?

To VC, or not to VC, that is the question… Why Xpenditure turned down 20 Series B offers

Last week we announced some big news. We agreed to partner with Sodexo, one of the world’s largest multinationals, and travel booking specialist iAlbatros. We’ve created a new company that will house both businesses and the new venture will work on an exciting new project, one..

FinTech is a Royal Affair in Benelux

Yesterday I had the great honour of sitting at the head table at a Royal Luncheon with King Philippe of Belgium, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Yes, that’s me in the photo sitting between the King and Queen. So what led to me..

VAT Giving You Headaches?

Remember those simpler times when VAT was something SaaS businesses from Europe didn’t have to deal with?

What The Future of SaaS Has Got In Store For Us

A while back, I sat down to write my take on SaaS vs. traditional software. It’s my profound belief that companies still using traditional software are at a disadvantage when compared to companies that have switched over to cloud-based solutions. I won’t go into too much detail..

5 European Startup Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Generally speaking, the gap between how business is done in Europe in comparison to the United States is closing, at least in the startup arena but there are still significant differences between the two continents.

Xpenditure among winners at European Fintech Awards 2016

Both Wim Derkinderen and I felt rooted on the spot when they announced we were the winners of the European FinTech Award for “Best of Show”.

4 Shifts That Will Disrupt The FinTech Industry

For a long time, the financial sector was regarded as a highly technical, highly regulated industry dominated by giant banks that resist disruption. But companies like PayPal shook things up and now finance is riding an entrepreneurial wave. Few sectors are moving and changing..

Not Yet Using a Cloud Based Expense Management Solution?

Employees have traditionally relied upon a pen and paper, or spreadsheet based approach to manage their expenses. However, both of these approaches have severe limitations as well as being prone to error. Thankfully modern cloud/ SaaS based expense management solutions offer a..

Finovate Europe - Showcasing the Best FinTech Innovations

We were delighted to get the opportunity to showcase our latest product innovations at Finovate Europe, which was held in London on February 9th and 10th.